Tenebre – Heiner Frost, Niederrhein Nachrichten

“Hubert Essakow’s ‘Tenebre’ glows from the very first second. Here we see a choreographer deep into the possibilities of staging, use all the apparatus available to him and create a unity of rare poetic concentration. One wishes to believe that everything about this ballet is brilliant and follows it breathlessly. (…) It’s all incredible: the …

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Tenebre – Marieluise Jeitschko, Tanznetz

“As yet little known in Germany, South African-born choreographer Hubert Essakow has been commissioned by Martin Schläpfer to create a new work for his company. ‘Tenebre’ (Darkness) presents an intense contrast of mood to Taylor’s ‘Esplanade’. The proximity of death is tangible, of a human life beyond sunshine and light. The aesthetic of three full …

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Tenebre (Uraufführung) Hubert Essakow

“A choreographer who knows what he wants to say and can put this effectively and succinctly”, is what one critic wrote after Hubert Essakow’s latest world premiere in London. ‘Ignis’ was hailed as “incredibly moving”, The Guardian described it as a “melancholic, beautifully-orchestrated dance drama” which “still burns in the memory”. Read about the full …

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